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Installing The WordPress Plugin

Step 1: In your wordpress admin select the Plugins menu.

Step 2: Click Add New

Step 3: Search for "Waitlisted"

Step 4: Click "Install Now" on the card

Step 5: Wait for installation to finish, then click "Activate Plugin"

Step 6: Find "waitlisted" in the "Settings" menu on in the left sidebar.

Step 7: Enter your Waitlisted Domain, this is the URL that appears in the address bar when you login to your account without the path or "http://", it should look like "", then click Save.

Step 8: Include a call to action in a page or template using the waitlisted short code.


You can customize the call to action of the button with:

[waitlisted title="Hey you, click here to join."]

or customize the content of the CTA with

[waitlisted] <button> Some Cool Content </button> [/waitlisted]

You can also use a custom form by including the form id.

[waitlisted form="902490239102342"]

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